Before you were mine by carol

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Before You Were Mine

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Carol Ann Duffy

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However, some of the stand-out poems in my opinion include Before You Were Mine, Valentine, Steam, Havisham, Sleeping, The Grammar of Light, First Love, Small Female Skull and The Good Teachers. Duffy has been one of my favourite poets since I was a teenager/5(27).

“Before you were mine” is a poem written by a daughter about how she imagines her mother’s life ten years before the daughter was born. The author describes the photo of her mother with two of her friends.

Before you were mine I know we’ll get back to that place in time So this is how we’ll sing through all this misery With my face pressed in the pillow case.

Analysing 'Before You Were Mine' by Carol Ann Duffy A task for students to work in groups to analyse one stanza of the poem, with a summary grid for recording their understanding of the whole poem.

Duffy’s poem ‘Before you were Mine’ is a eulogy; a tribute to her mother after death. It opens up for the reader insights into grandmother-mother-daughter relationships.

Before you were mine by carol
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Before You Were Mine - Document in All Levels English