Conflik in maluku

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Ethno-Religious Conflict in Maluku

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What caused the Ambon violence?

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Ambon, Maluku

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19 January marked the two-year anniversary of the conflict in Maluku. On Ambon island, this date set off an immediate upsurge in January 21 and 22,a joint military/police.

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What caused the Ambon violence?

Join Facebook to connect with Anti Tobohoko and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. Similar communal battles broke out in the remote fishing town of Tual, also in southern Maluku province, in April, again leaving hundreds dead.

Maluku sectarian conflict

Many tens of thousands of refugees, mostly Muslim, have fled the conflict for South Sulawesi. 8 Conflict Management in Indonesia Acknowledgements and contributors The HD Centre would like to thank the MacArthur Foundation and International Development Research Centre for their support of the project over – The HD Centre also wishes to thank Yuli Ismartono and John McBeth for their critical peer review of the case studies.

The steady and increasing influence of external factors into Maluku -- starting with the events that occurred during the Indonesian anti-colonial war through to social displacement by immigrants from a traditionally hostile ethnic group into the Maluku environment, along with central government interference in traditional systems of.

"Maluku governor Karel Albert Ralahalu called on Maluku residents on Saturday to surrender their weapons – including guns and home-made bombs – to security personnel on the grounds that the situation in Maluku had returned to normal.

Ethno-Religious Conflict in Maluku Conflik in maluku
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