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Sports Massage Therapy - VTCT Level 3 Certificate

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Level 3 Sports Massage

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Sports Massage Therapy VTCT

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Assesses specialty performance at the general level. Anatomy and Physiology Course About the Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Certificate.

The human body works in fascinating ways.

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With over bones, muscles, and numerous co-dependent systems, there is so much to be learnt. Part Time Course Finder Find the courses you are interested in the list below. Click on a course for more information and to apply online.

Jan 06,  · janeyarcher Current working hours at Hamony, Health & Beauty in stonehaven - monday, tuesday, friday and last saturday of the month. Sport Massage Therapy VTCT Level 3 Diploma at Macclesfield College Course description This course is a technical qualification aimed at developing your knowledge, understanding and technical skills needed for a career as a Sports Massage Therapist.

The units you will cover are: Functional anatomy / physiology and nutrition for Sports Therapies; Applying sports massage methods to non-pathological tissue.

Sports Massage Therapy VTCT

You will also learn a range of massage techniques including a palpation, range of movement and stretching techniques. vtct uv functional anatomy physiology and nutrition for sports therapies single unit assessment multiple choice question paperanatomy and physiology for exercise and health?


level 3 paper no apeh vtct anatomy and physiology past exam papers sat 27 oct gmt vtct.

Functional anatomy physiology vtct sports
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