Pictures to help with speech therapy

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Cole Pediatric Therapy

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This course will focus on speech therapy techniques for the child with articulation disorder related to cleft palate or velopharyngeal dysfunction.

Practical therapy techniques that can be adapted for children aged 2 through the teen years are included. A kid visiting a speech therapist for the first time will take a speaking test. Don't worry, it's not like a test in school that's going to affect your report card.

Suggestions for Reducing Stopping of Continuant Sounds

This test is a way of finding out what types of speech problems a kid has. The kid will be asked to say certain sounds and words. The speech-language pathologist can provide information and can design a home activities program to help the child practice the communication skills being addressed in therapy.

It is important that parents stay in regular contact with the speech-language pathologist so that their child can practice speech .

Pictures to help with speech therapy
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