Playing a musical instrument essay help

I believe that everyone should learn to play a musical instrument

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What Are the Benefits of Learning to Play an Instrument?

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Learning a musical instrument boosts kids' brains

So playing a musical instrument produces brain-building compounds and neural growth factors that are making you smarter, stronger, and better at doing activities throughout your day. Some of the brain benefits of learning a musical instrument include increased comprehension and math skills, better coordination, and a greater capacity for memory.

The Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument Essay Sample

Making music is a creative activity and when you learn an instrument it helps your creative thinking in other areas of life. Playing music often helps you mix with different social groups and make new friends.

(1) Playing a team sport such as soccer or lacrosse can help a child learn important life skills, such as sportsmanship, loyalty, and discipline. (2) Sports also give children a chance to. Playing a musical instrument involves multiple components of the central (brain and spinal cord) and peripheral (nerves outside the brain and spinal cord) nervous systems.

As a musician plays an instrument, motor systems in the brain control both gross and fine movements needed to. Indeed, scientists are puzzling out the connections between musical training in childhood and language-based learning — for instance, reading. Learning to play an instrument may confer some unexpected benefits, recent studies suggest.

Physical Benefits of Learning to Play an Instrument Extensive studies have shown that children display long-term positive results from playing musical instruments.

In fact, the benefits of music have been proven more effective in strengthening abstract reasoning skills in younger and older children than does teaching them computers skills.

Playing a musical instrument essay help
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