Projection clock with temperature

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Self-Setting Atomic Projection Clock with Indoor Thermometer RMPNFA User Manual INTRodUCTIoN Thank you for purchasing the Oregon Scientific™ Self-Setting Atomic Projection Clock with Indoor Thermometer (model: RMPNFA).

This device bundles precise time keeping, alarm and temperature features into a single tool you can use from the. Project the time, indoor temperature and outdoor temperature on the ceiling or wall. The ClearView Projection Clock includes a focus adjustment dial for a crystal clear projection.

Projection Alarm Clock with Temperature

In addition, the projection can be reversed degrees for optimal viewing throughout the room. The indoor and outdoor temperature scroll automatically. The Atomic Projection Clock displays time in an hour-minutes-seconds Press UP (+) or DOWN (-) button once selecting the temperature format in the Time Window located below the Temperature.

on projection timing mode projecting time/indoor temperature enable atomic time signal reception did't receive atomic time signal backlight battery life change a temperature unit work in alaska and hawaii 12/24 hour time format.

A modern design, this Oregon alarm clock, with temperature display, has an adjustable arm that projects the time onto the wall or ceiling.

Oregon Projection Clock

There's no more fumbling in the dark as a tap of the snooze/light button turns on the projection/5(). Only $,buy FanJu FJ Projection Alarm Clock with Temperature and Time Projection / USB Charger/ Indoor Temperature and Humidity at GearBest Store with free shipping.

Projection clock with temperature
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PROJI Radio Controlled Projection Clock with Weather Forecast & Temperature