Valley forge would you have quit

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Valley Forge

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Valley Forge Would You Have Quit?

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Valley Forge: Would You Have Quit? by Alex M.

It was not an easy time. This Mini-Q asks the question: If you had been a soldier in Washington's Army, would you have quit? Source: The DBQ Project. Oct 24,  · For these reasons, I would have quit Valley Forge because I wouldn’t want to live in a harsh place with the government not wanting to help.

The last reason I would have quit Valley Forge was the chance of death and illness. Valley Forge Would You Have Quit Valley Forge Its 11 at night, I’m sitting here by the window talking to the moon, everyone is sleeping It is a dark cold night. I can’t see anything but darkness. I can’t feel my legs.

Every time I mutter a word I can feel as my lips crack and a drop of blood leaks out. I just went from taking mg of Neurontin 2x a day to mg 1x a day. It will be day 6 today. I am having a very difficult time with the withdrawl symptoms.

Valley forge would you have quit
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